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A son's vengeance: Not just the souls of the corrupted dead end up in Hell. Iago, the half-breed son of a Devil, finds himself suddenly thrust into his father's domain. Without memory of how he got there he only knows that at long last his chance has come to find and kill his infernal father and save his mother's soul. A wizard's scheme: The town of Scurryport is a haven for those who do not belong in Hell, but though the population was made up of folk who weren't Devils or the dead, most would eventually find themselves there anyway. The wizard who protects the city has his own agenda, and with the discovery of possibly the only pure soul in Hell sitting at his doorstep, he is ready to set events in motion to ensure he meets those ends.
Fatal Desires - 15
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Demon Plague launches! February 4th, 2018, 10:48 pm
Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Demon Plague! Comics coming soon!
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